tooth extraction

 With today’s technology, more often than not, a tooth extraction is a last resort.  Sometimes, however, removing a tooth becomes necessary. If your dentist is recommending extraction, it is likely due to one of the following reasons: the damage to the tooth is too extensive and can’t be saved, there isn’t enough room for all the teeth, certain risks of infection, or to replace a few remaining teeth for dentures or implant-supported dentures.
 Your Palm City/Stuart dentists want your tooth removal to be as safe and painless as possible.  This means that when you come into our offices for a consultation, it’s vital that you make sure we know your complete medical history to protect you from any possible side effects. When your extraction takes place, the area around the extraction will be numbed appropriately.  In the case of an impacted tooth or the need for removing multiple teeth, you’ll receive a stronger anesthetic in order to prevent pain.
 After your extraction, a gauze is placed in your mouth to stem bleeding and create a clot that helps protect your gums as it heals over afterward.  You’ll be prescribed a painkiller and given directions on how to care for your mouth while it heals.  This will include using ice packs to reduce swelling and directions on what to avoid doing in order to keep the blood clot in place..
 Tooth extraction may not be the most fun, overall, but we strive to make sure yours is as pleasant as possible.  When you find yourself with any kind of dental problem, give our Palm City/Stuart offices a call today.