tooth colored fillings

 Tooth-colored fillings - also known as composite fillings due to their composition of resin and glass, quartz, or porcelain - is an amazing option for a filling.  It has so many more benefits than the traditional metal filling.  The most obvious advantage of this kind of a filling is the aesthetic appeal.  As the name states, the resin filling is mixed to match the color of your existing teeth.
 When you come to our offices in Palm City/Stuart, you’ll find that after your dentist drills, cleans, and fills your teeth, not only will you not be able to visibly tell which tooth was in need of filling, you’ll also be pleased to learn that this kind of filling process requires a very conservative amount of drilling.  Using the composite resin saves as much of your existing tooth as possible.
 The assets don’t even end there.  After you leave the dental office, you’ll find that the tooth-colored fillings are also comparable in durability. However, the major advantage this kind of filling has over metal fillings is that it is more resistant to temperature and provide greater protection from further cracking of the teeth and from bacteria creeping in because it fully bonds with your existing tooth - something metal can’t do.
 If you’re ready to fix a chip or a cavity or you’re ready to change from a metal filling to a to tooth-colored filling, don’t wait any longer.  Give the dentists at our Palm City/Stuart offices a call to schedule your appointment today.