teeth whitening



 When we ask people what they want to change about their smile, far and away the most common answer is whiter teeth.  When people are asked about the benefits of an attractive smile, time and again, the majority say that it makes you more attractive and that an unappealing smile is detrimental to success in the workplace.
 When you come into our offices in Palm City/Stuart for your teeth whitening, first and foremost, we’ll make sure you have a healthy smile.  We’ll take care of any cavities before we start the procedure so that when all is said and done, you’ll have healthier teeth as well as a bright smile.  After we’ve ensured that your teeth are healthy, we’ll give your teeth a good cleaning so it’s free of any surface bacteria, food, or anything else that temporarily discolors teeth.
 The most common cleaning solution used is a gel.  Your Palm City/Stuart dentist will put it directly onto your teeth and shine a special light to activate or speed up the tooth whitening process.  If you’ve had a root canal, your dentist will apply a different kind of solution that will ensure that your teeth are evenly white.
 Visiting a dentist for this procedure can make your teeth visibly whiter in one session. After your appointment, your dentist will give you follow-up directions. Your whitening will last anywhere from one to six months before fading, depending on how well you care for your teeth.
 If you want your teeth whiter and your smile brighter, make the cosmetic dentists in Palm City/Stuart your first choice.  We’ll provide you with the highest quality care while we whiten your teeth.