smile design

 When you go to a dental office to have cosmetic work done on your teeth, you have an idea in mind.  You want straight, bright teeth that you can be proud of and will give you the confidence to smile broadly.  Our smile design systems help you and your dentist decide how you want your smile to look.  It’s the first step in a full smile makeover.  We’ll use the latest technology available to not only analyze how you’ll want your teeth to look, but also how it will affect the rest of your mouth and face.
  A smile that is considered pleasing to look at has many parts.  Your Palm City/Stuart dentist take your overall appearance into consideration.  A proper smile design will include how your teeth look in comparison to your mouth, lips, and skin and hair color, as well as the shape of your face and how your jaw will look after the cosmetic dentistry is complete.
 We use state of the art technology to scan your face and mouth to create a smile design that ensures the midline between your two front teeth line up with your facial midline. Your design will ensure that your teeth will be bright, white, and symmetrical, and your gums healthy and pink.
 So much goes into making a smile great.  When you want help designing your ideal smile, you want the best.  Your Palm City/Stuart dentist is just as dedicated to your smile as you are and we’ll work hard to make sure you have the smile you deserve.