single implant

  If you’re missing one or more teeth, it can be a huge loss to your confidence and it can affect your daily life. However, there’s no reason why you should continue to feel self-conscious or restrict your eating because of a missing tooth.  Single-tooth implants make it possible to replace a missing tooth or teeth easily and leave you with a stand-in that looks and feels like a real tooth, allowing you to eat and drink regularly and smile with ease, with the added benefit of preventing bone loss in your jaw.
 When you make an appointment with our Palm City/Stuart dentists, we’ll sit down with you for a consultation and determine if a single implant is right for you.  The implant, which looks similar to a screw and often made of titanium, will go into the empty space and act as the root of your new tooth.  Following the implants, an abutment and a crown are put into place.  These parts make up the replacement tooth and are crafted to look like a tooth and match your existing teeth, Depending on how you and your dentist feel, you have the option of the traditional method, in which you wait for a short period of time for the implants to fuse completely with your jaw, or you can have everything done in the same appointment, requiring a soft food restriction for about six to eight weeks.
  After your tooth or teeth have been replace, you’ll be able to eat, drink, and smile as well as you did before you lost your tooth/teeth.  Call our Palm City/Stuart offices today to schedule your consultation appointment to learn if a single implant is right for you.