same day crowns

 There have been copious amounts of advances in the field of dentistry.  One of the more recent advances to have emerged, computer-aided design and manufacturing, is also an amazing time-saver for patients.  This incredible technology allows us to offer you same-day crowns.
 When you come into our offices with a cracked tooth, broken filling, cavity, or another issue that requires a crown, we’ll leave you with a fantastic guarantee:  you won’t leave with a temporary filling and a second appointment.  With the Cerec computer-aided design and manufacturing system, you’ll walk out the door with a permanent crown.
 The process to getting your same-day crown is almost identical to the old process.  After your numbed and drilled to fit the crown, we take images of all sides of the damaged tooth using an 3-D imager to send to our computer system, where we’re able to design the look of your new crown with speed and accuracy.  After creating your unique crown, your Palm City/Stuart dentist will have it carved on site, in our milling system.  Once the crown is carved, it’s placed over the damaged tooth and you’re sent on your way.
 Our first priority to you is the health of your mouth, but we understand that life gets hectic.  Our state-of-the-art Cerec design and creation system will help us save you time, energy, and fuel by getting your new crown on the same day you come in for one.  Call our Palm City/Stuart offices today to be seen.