root canal

 Root canals aren’t what people seem to think.  Each year, millions of Americans find themselves in the dentist’s chair preparing themselves for a root canal only to learn that they only needed to mentally prepare for the equivalent of a filling. Of the people who have had this much-hated procedure, the vast majority - 94 percent - report a positive experience with no more pain than a standard filling.
 With a broken tooth or a deep cavity, your first thought may be that it’s better to just remove your tooth, but that may not always be the case.  When you make an appointment with our Palm City/Stuart dentists, we’ll examine the interior and exterior of your tooth to determine how deep the break or cavity is and if you’re a good candidate for a root canal.  After your initial consultation, you and your dentist will discuss the procedure and answer any lingering questions you may have.
 During your root canal, the area around the tooth being worked on will be numbed. The pulp - the innermost part of your tooth - will be removed, the canal will be cleaned, and any cracks or breaks in your tooth will be filled.  Once your tooth is ready for a crown and filling, our state-of-the-art Cerec design and creation system will have your new crown ready on the same day you have your root canal and you’ll walk away with a tooth that is as good as new.
 There’s no reason why you should spend your day living with the pain of a broken tooth or deep cavity and removing the tooth isn’t always the best solution.  When you make an appointment with us at our Palm City/Stuart offices, you can rest assured that we’ll do what we can to save your tooth and relieve your pain.