periodontal care

  Periodontal care is the treatment and care of the gums.  This part of dentistry is just as important to general oral health.  And although the proverbial jury is still out, it is possible that gum disease and generally poor oral maintenance and health is linked to heart disease.
 Periodontal disease is an umbrella term for any inflammation or infection of the gums.  This includes gingivitis, when gums become swollen, red, and prone to bleeding, and periodontitis, in which the gums begin to pull away from the tooth, forming pockets, and result in bone and tooth loss when left untreated.  Other common symptoms of gum disease include incessant bad breath, pain or sensitivity when chewing, tender gums, loose teeth, and/or receding gums.
 One of the best ways to prevent any form of gum disease is to brush thoroughly and floss in the morning and at night.  However, some people are also more prone than others to periodontal diseases.  Individuals with diabetes, smokers, girls and women experiencing hormonal change are susceptible to gum disease as are those with major illnesses and those on certain medications.
 At Turke Advanced Dental Arts in Palm City/Stuart, we provide complete periodontal care alongside our general dental care. If your examination reveals a periodontal disease, we’ll work hard to save your tooth and repair your gums.  With careful cleaning, the application of antibiotics where necessary, and follow-up care, the risk of tooth loss can be minimized or eliminated completely.  If you are concerned about the state of your gums, make an appointment with our Palm City/Stuart dentists today.