So you’ve decided you want to put off aging for just a little longer.  Your first thought was probably to research plastic surgeons and dermatologists to find the right professional for you and which procedure is right for you.  When you think of fillers that are used to fill out lips and cheeks, the most well known option is collagen injections.  However, collagen, being sourced naturally, only lasts about 3 months and why would you want to make an extra appointment with another kind of doctor?
 These options work fine for some people.  But if you want to have a longer lasting filler, Juvederm may be right for you.  Juvederm doesn’t take long to be injected and, unlike collagen injections, last almost a year.    As for your choice in medical professionals, dentists know more than just teeth and gums.  Your Palm City/Stuart dentists are highly trained to understand the muscles and functions of the face and have been trained to apply this knowledge to the world of Juvederm.
 When you talk with your Palm City/Stuart dentist, you’ll learn that Juvederm fills in your cheeks, smoothing out wrinkles and making you look younger.  Your body naturally produces hyaloronic acid, but over time it will slow or stop that production and you will lose what you already have.  Juvederm works by filling in that lost hyaloronic acid with a biosynthesized gel form of thyaloronic acid.  This means you can complement your smile with rounded, younger looking skin and fuller lips.
 When you make an appointment for a smile makeover consultation with your Palm City/Stuart dentist, be sure to ask about this option.