implant dentures

 When the need to replace your teeth arises, the denture fitted to your mouth and secured with adhesive is the best known option. However, better technology has provided better options. The latest of these options is the implant denture. As the name suggests, this new type of denture uses implants.  In the world of teeth, an implant is slightly different. Implants are the support structure upon which a replacement tooth or teeth are placed.  This kind of support is more reliable than traditional adhesives and helps prevent bone loss in the jaw.
 The process of getting implanted dentures begins with a consultation. Your Palm City/Stuart dentist will give you a thorough exam, learn your medical history, and the two of you will discuss if implant dentures are right for you. There are two types of implant dentures available: implant-supported dentures and fixed implant dentures. The former are removable dentures that are attached to implants via a frame or ball and socket joints. Just like the conventionally attached dentures, these come out. The latter are fixed in place and non-removable.
 After you and your dentist have determined which kind of denture is best, the implants will be placed.  The number of implants place may vary based on your health, but the usual number is four per jaw.  The period between placing the implants and attaching the new dentures may vary as well.
 If you think implant dentures may be right for you, give our Palm City/Stuart offices a call and schedule your appointment today.