fixed implant dentures

 As technology continues to advance, more choices become available to fix dental problems.  The only option for missing teeth used to be removable dentures, adhered through the use of glue.  Today, however, the options have increased to the point that you can now replaced your missing teeth with a set of implanted dentures, fixed in place, that don’t move or come out.
 The desire to replace your missing teeth can be solved with fixed implant dentures.  Full or partial, these dentures are fixed in place via screw-like devices called implants.  When you come to our Palm City/Stuart offices for your appointment, we’ll surgically place these implants into your jaw.  Implants give you a benefit that traditional dentures don’t.  By surgically placing implants into your jaw, it stimulates growth in the bone.  This means preventing bone degradation as well as fusing the implants to your jaw so they won’t move.
 Depending on your health and what you’ve discussed with your Palm City/Stuart dentist, you’ll either get your teeth placed the same day as your implants or as soon as the implants have bonded fully with your jaw.  If you have your implants placed on a separate appointment, you’ll likely be advised to refrain from wearing your dentures during the healing period. After you get home with your new teeth, you won’t have to worry about removing them to clean or while you sleep.  They’re there to stay.
 If you think fixed implant dentures are right for you, call our offices at Palm City/Stuart today and make an appointment.