People often take their teeth for granted.  They forget how instrumental they are to maintaining facial shape and helping to speak and chew.  Whether you’ve lost your teeth because of an injury or accident, decay, or disease, you’ve learned this lesson the hard way.   Dentures are a popular option for replacing missing teeth. And your Palm City/Stuart dentists can help.
 When you sit down with our dental experts, you’ll be pleased with the level of care you’ll get as we prepare your mouth for dentures. The unfortunate part of getting dentures put into place is that it may take a while, but our dental experts will make it as easy as possible.
 Often when people need dentures, they still have a few teeth remaining that need to be removed in order to make room for a full denture.  If this is the case, once they are removed, you’ll have the option of choosing immediate dentures which can be adjusted as needed through follow-up appointments or choosing conventional dentures, which are fitted after your gums have completely healed from tooth extraction and your dentist is certain they are healthy.
 The benefits of dentures will make you feel great and enable you to live a normal life again.  Dentures will allow you to return to speaking normally, eating the way you did before, and provide structure to your facial shape.  Dentures look natural, so no one will be able to tell that you have them, allowing you to smile with confidence and pride.
 Dentures are a smart choice.  If you’re tired of adjusting your diet and hiding your smile because of a lack of teeth, call our Palm City/Stuart dental offices today to schedule your appointment.