A missing tooth has a greater impact on your life than you might realize.  With a missing tooth/teeth, it is true, your smile is affected, but there are more problems than that.  Your other teeth are taking on a greater load than they should and your existing teeth are going to move or shift in your mouth.
 The dentists at our Palm City/Stuart offices want you to have a healthy mouth.  When you come in for help with a missing tooth or teeth, we may recommend a bridge.  A bridge is a dental device meant to close the gap made by a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, using the surrounding teeth as an anchor.  It’s installed very similarly to a crown.  The anchor teeth are shaped to fit the caps.  An image or a mold is taken of the mouth in order to create the bridge to be the right shape and size.  Once the bridge is created, our dental experts will fit and bond it into your mouth, leaving you with a healthier, more pleasant smile.
 When you get your missing teeth replaced with a bridge, it does more than just restore your smile.  It improves your ability to speak, maintains and rebuilds your facial shape, stops your current teeth from shifting in your mouth and reduces the workload on your current teeth.
 Don’t let missing teeth stop you from being able to smile with pride and living life to the fullest.  Call our Palm City/Stuart offices today to schedule your appointment and start feeling better about yourself.