bridge implant

  If you have multiple missing teeth, there is more than one option available.  A frequent choice among dentists and patients is a bridge.  The traditional bridge is a fine option, but some don’t like that it.  This is because requires filing down and fitting the surrounding teeth with a crown that is connected to the dental replacements, bridging the gap between them.  With a bridge implant, your existing teeth remain intact as they are, while the support structure is placed in your jaw.
 If a consultation with your Palm City/Stuart dentist concludes that a bridge implant is the best option for you, you can expect a few steps along the way.  The process of implanting a bridge isn’t very different from a single implant.  When you come in, you’ll have the implants surgically put into place and, a short time later, the healing caps, which help the crowns blend into your gums naturally .  The final step is, of course, placing the bridge.
  An implanted bridge provides several benefits over a traditional bridge.  Implants prevent bone degradation and allow you to have replacements without cutting down existing teeth.  At our Palm City/Stuart offices, you can depend on us to give you the best care possible while we restore your smile and your confidence in your smile.  Don’t waste any time.  Call us and make an appointment today.