Botox isn’t restricted to the realms of dermatology and plastic surgery anymore.  You can now receive botox injections at your Palm City/Stuart dentist as well.   Modern dentistry has dealt with the muscles of the face and jaw for decades and our dentists came into the field with a working knowledge of these muscles, as well as how to give their patients injections with little or no pain.  Like many across the country, the dentists at Turke Advanced Dental Arts in Palm City/Stuart have been trained to administer botox.
 When asked, most Americans will probably say that botox gets rid of wrinkles by paralyzing facial muscles.  However, botox actually does is inhibit or eliminate muscle contractions.  This makes botox more useful than you might realize and perfect for the world of dentistry.  Because of the way it works, botox can alleviate pain and is an attractive alternative treatment to teeth clenching and grinding by relaxing the muscles in the jaw.  Botox also works well in treating the painful side effects of clenching and grinding.
 Of course, the aesthetic appeal of botox can’t be ignored.  As part of a smile makeover, botox is an option that can be added in order to remove facial wrinkles and make you look younger.  In our smile makeover process, you can add botox as a way to remove wrinkles around your mouth and enhance your smile.
 With applications ranging from beauty to pain relief to treating clenching, why would you want to wait any longer to make an appointment?  Call your Palm City/Stuart offices today and make an appointment.