anxiety free dentist

 Fear of going to the dentist is not uncommon.  One in five Americans fear the dental chair so much that they forego care.  There are many fears that keep people from seeing a dentist.  Whether it’s a fear of pain, cost, judgment, or a lack of control, we’ll work hard to ease your fears and make your visit as comfortable as possible.  When you come for a consultation, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your fears and dental problems in a judgment-free environment.  We’ll address the issues you feel are problems and alleviate any fears you may have.
 There are many ways to deal with the anxiety of sitting in a dentist’s chair.  We’ll provide a pain-free experience through the careful application of sedatives or painkillers and discussion.  Nitrous Oxide has been a popular and successful method of ensuring comfort for the patient for over a century.  Applied through a cap over the nose, it’s a gas that prevents pain and relaxes the mind and body.  We maintain the supply of a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen through the entire dental process to keep pain and anxiety at bay.  After your procedure, the gas leaves your system in minutes and there are no long-term effects to worry about.
 If nitrous oxide doesn’t sound right for you, when you come for a consultation you can ask about a prescription sedative.  Taken an hour before your procedure, it can calm and relax you so that you feel less anxious and are more easily prepared for what you need to have done.
 No matter what your worry is, you only have to come in and talk to us.  Make your appointment with our offices in Palm City/Stuart today and learn how we’ll take care of your teeth without sacrificing comfort.